Life is full of transitions. This year has been no different. As I approach the end of the year I look back at the time spent saying goodbye before my father passed. I am blessed to have been able to see him and spend time with him before he left this earth. While he will be missed there will be no regret. There will only be memories of the times we shared, the love he gave and the life he lived.

Ahead I can look forward to my mother doing what I have asked her to do for decades. Move closer to where I live and work. Assuredly there will be transitions in our household as we welcome another voice into the mix. And there will be opportunities to share in the memories of times past.

As the year comes to a close take the time to remember your loved ones, embrace the good times and plan for the best you can imagine in your tomorrows. Remember it takes a willingness to dream to have your dreams come true!

dreams – belief – action


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