Can You Imagine – posted on the Casa Nation Facebook page12-24-2014

Can You Imagine

by Adero C. E. Allison 12-24-2014

Can you imagine? For us, it was thousands of years but for God and the angels barely a moment passed between the expulsion of Lucifer and a third of the angels and God turning His attention to the salvation of mankind. The angels must have been frantic asking “what must we do?”, “how must we help?” I can imagine now different angels rushing to take messages to the prophets, to Abraham and all of the saints. More angels guiding David as he ascended to his throne and being there to make sure Ruth and Naomi found Boaz. Can you imagine angels trying to figure out what must be done and how will we get it all done before the Son takes on the human form?

Can you imagine that night so long ago in Bethlehem when Mary and Joseph finally found a warm place to rest. At first it must have seemed lonely in the stable with only animals for company. Then the Angels began gathering one by one crowding into the space with angelic warmth until they were 7 million strong filling every inch of that stable. Other angels outside continued to spread the news, singing songs of praise, and shouting Glory to the newborn King. He came as savior for all humankind. This was their song “Christ the King has come to save. Peace on earth goodwill to men”. They knew that someone had to know that this is Son of God was now in the world. He would need to be sheltered shielded protected from a violent and angry world until his time had come. Until He took his place as the Savior of the world. Can you imagine them whispering to each other “this human body is so frail”, “He is so small”, “we must keep him safe” as they gazed on God’s face in a human child?

Can you imagine? I can see them now. “I’ll tell the shepherds, look there’s a shepherd boy. He must know too!” cried one. Another said “I see the Magi in the east. Better give them a sign. Put a star up high so they know the way!” Can you imagine them finding ways to get the word out and keep this baby safe. It was thousands of years to humankind yet it must’ve seemed just moment when God created mankind, cast out a third of the angels and then turned his attention to the salvation of the earth by sending His one and only Son for us.

Can you imagine how the angels must have rejoiced to have such an important job to do? And still the time seems long to us yet in a moment the angels have already gathered to follow a risen savior as He reclaims His throne. As we prepare now to join Him in triumph. I can only imagine.


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