LGBT Spirituality and Leadership Study

Cross silhouetted in front of a Rainbow Flag.

LGBT Spirituality and Leadership POSTER 060115-2

Poster presented at the University of Phoenix 4th Annual Research Symposium – June 6, 2015

Spiritual engagement for the LGBT person can be either a central aspect of life or totally rejected as an option. Christianity is seen as anathema to some in the LGBT community while for many Christians being LGBT precludes the possibility of accepting Christ. In spite of this some LGBT individuals have experienced ongoing faith or developed a faith they did not previously have and have taken the step to accept the call to work in the Christian ministry.

In preparation for data collection this site is being developed to provide  study information  and to invite participants to respond. This study will explore the experience of LGBT men and women who have chosen the path of Christian leadership and the relationship of their self-identification (gender identity or sexual orientation) to that spiritual path.

It is understood that many individuals who self-identify do not live out that identity i their daily lives. Individuals who choose to participate will find their identity guarded by standard research protocols and only aggregate information will be shared in the reporting of  results.

Watch this site for updates related to participation in the study. You may also find updates on Facebook here.

Published by Adero C E Allison PHD

My background is a tapestry of music, disability and social sciences. I have over 25 years’ experience working with people with disabilities. My early employment in vocational programs supported employment skill development for adults with disabilities. My experience has included work with large systems change projects involving community and education partnerships. As a scholar/practitioner I coach students, facilitate graduate education and consult with executives. My experiences in service delivery, organizational development, community leadership and organizational behavior inform my research interests: spirituality and leadership, universal design, capacity development and diversity.

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