Forward Motion

It is easy to become overwhelmed by world and local events. The fear of infection, social unrest, political dissent and public protests on top of remote working may cause a sort of paralysis to begin to invade our existence. The problem with intellectual paralysis is that when you stop moving forward you begin to slide back.

Leadership requires us to do more than just hold our own. We cannot sit and watch from the sidelines while declaring ourselves pace setters. Times like these require us to search deep within. What truly matters and how will I make what natters the focus for my team, my employees, my colleagues and myself?

Public Transit Sunrise – cea

When everything changes we must choose to watch the change or choose to take action. Today I am choosing to value my people above the transactional things they accomplish. If we pause to recognize, not only our own stress, but the impact on people around us we can share that we care. Not that we may independently fix things, but that we know they are bad.

Acknowledgement of the pain is one way we offer healing to ourselves and others. Yes, I know the chaos is continuing but, what would life be like if everything just became static? Challenges we face make us stronger. So let’s recognize the way things are, feel the pain and move through it to create something better in our lives.

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