About Us

TAplus represents our mission to help “Transitioning Adults” in every area of life.

  • We have helped individuals (with and without disabilities) clarify and move forward to meet personal and career goals. By assisting in the development of business plans and identifying career skill gaps to plan personal growth strategies .
  • We have supported graduate students in organizing their research, time management, and school-career-life negotiation fundamentals.
  • In our transformation work we supported the process of turning one large  Arts organization into five successfully funded spin-offs allowing each entity to grow distinctly.
  • Our work with non-profit board development has resulted in improved processes, volunteer board members who are better prepared for their roles and stronger organizations with clear and consistent bylaws.
  • Through entrepreneur and executive coaching we have helped individuals to clarify their values and develop the confidence needed for professional growth in alignment with personal values.
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Executives in for-profit organizations work with us to enhance organizational growth;
  • Our targeted training on Universal Design in Learning addresses principles and practical action steps, empowers K-12 teachers and college/university faculty to create accessible content that reaches more students in diverse ways.

We work with you to identify your need, then draw from our network of world-class coaches and consultants to assist in your transition.

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