Professional Profile

My background is a tapestry of music, disability, and social sciences.

  • Over 25 years experience coaching personal transition
    • Vocational Training  & Career Change
    • Person Centered Planning
    • Academic Coaching
    • Personal Mission / Vision Development
  • Experience including systems change projects
    • Workplace accommodation
    • Organizational Development
    • Relocation planning
  • Branding and Personal Transformation
    • Executive Coaching
    • Organizational Development
    • Board Development

My ability to see and share where things connect and where they lead allows me to help individuals and organizations expand their potential. I use these skills helping students see beyond graduation to how they will apply what they learn in their lives and coaching  executives to move toward their next personal and organizational success.

My experiences in service delivery, organizational development, community leadership and organizational behavior inform my research interests: LGBT spirituality and leadership, universal design, structural inequality and diversity, trauma and transcendence.