Forward Motion

It is easy to become overwhelmed by world and local events. The fear of infection, social unrest, political dissent and public protests on top of remote working may cause a sort of paralysis to begin to invade our existence. The problem with intellectual paralysis is that when you stop moving forward you begin to slide back.

Leadership requires us to do more than just hold our own. We cannot sit and watch from the sidelines while declaring ourselves pace setters. Times like these require us to search deep within. What truly matters and how will I make what natters the focus for my team, my employees, my colleagues and myself?

Public Transit Sunrise – cea

When everything changes we must choose to watch the change or choose to take action. Today I am choosing to value my people above the transactional things they accomplish. If we pause to recognize, not only our own stress, but the impact on people around us we can share that we care. Not that we may independently fix things, but that we know they are bad.

Acknowledgement of the pain is one way we offer healing to ourselves and others. Yes, I know the chaos is continuing but, what would life be like if everything just became static? Challenges we face make us stronger. So let’s recognize the way things are, feel the pain and move through it to create something better in our lives.

Addressing the Digital Divide

The past year has caused us to look at our interactions, our relationships and our technologies differently. In education we were forced to find new ways to reach our students outside of the classroom. Medical professionals and their insurance companies had to devise new ways to hold virtual appointments and to allow pracitioners to be paid for their remote services. Businesses sent many employees home while service industries had to learn new ways to keep their employees safe while on the job.

The advances we made, while transformative, also highlighted the gaps in our broadband capability and access to services. On April 15, 2021 I participated an eye opening webinar, addressing the educational risks that students of color face due to systemic inequities and lack of access to technology. As students went online with virtual learning, many of our students of color struggled, as they did not have access to computers, high speed internet or reliable wi-fi, making it difficult to be successful in the virtual learning environment. If this topic is of interest, take the time to listen to the recording: The Digital Playing Field: “How Racially Equitable is it?”

The Diversity Leadership Alliance sponsored this talk as part of their UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS THAT IGNITE CHANGE series. You may find other recordings on their website:

Mindfulness in Practice

Often we think of mindfulness as a distinct act taken at a set time. Perhaps we take a mindfulness break or practice Yoga to attain a state of mindfulness. When I consider where mindfulness fits I recognize it as a state of being we should seek to attain.

In business we often compartmentalize our emotions from our thoughts. We segregate the events of our day into meetings (extroversion), email (transaction), coaching (transformation), planning (introversion) and more. Then we remember that we have not been mindful in this situation or that instance.

If we make the effort to become mindful rather than to step in and out of mindfulness I believe that each activity we engage in will be enriched. Getting to this place may be easy for some and difficult for others. But as you begin to live mindfully you will experience positive changes in everything you do.

Just Breathe ...imprinted over a calm sea.

Let’s consider some practical steps applied to the situations mentioned above.

1. Meetings require a lot of us. Whether we are defending a proposal, developing a strategy or just attending for information a little mindfulness can go a long way in making our attendance more productive and positive. Prepare by focusing yourself before the meeting. Not merely on goals and outcomes, but also on calm, balance, openness and awareness.

Breathe deeply before responding to anything that is said. This will help you think more clearly and assure that you have time to process before responding.

2. Coaching requires a connection with your coachee. If you have not been in a coaching relationship with this person before you will need to set the time. Again, being mindful will help you to prepare yourself to hear as well as lead.

3. Sending emails can be quite tricky, especially when we are very busy, stressed or distracted. Creating a sense of mindfulness prior to responding to emails may mean the difference between escalating or de-escalating a situation. Think about this. When you are emotionally wrapped up in a concern of yours do you want to receive an email with “just the facts maam’” or would you feel better if the person on the other end acknowledged your frustration and agreed to work with you on a solution. Taking that deep breath before writing your response (and perhaps holding it in reserve to review again before sending) can be all that is needed to turn a bad situation into a good relationship.

4. Finally, I mentioned planning. For administrators and executives this is a central facet of our work. We need facts,impact projections and more to plan for the future, often in multinational organizations. Facts alone won’t get you to the right plan. Try taking a few moments to center yourself before you consider options and actions to take. This could mean the difference between an ‘okay’ plan and a ‘brilliant new idea”.

In every instance mindfulness can help you to identify the best response in that moment. In fact, once you have begun to focus on being mindful your relationships will improve in both work and personal settings. After all, everyone appreciates being taken seriously!

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“Decide now to make mindfulness a habit!”

– cea

LGBT Spirituality and Leadership Study

LGBT Spirituality and Leadership POSTER 060115-2

Poster presented at the University of Phoenix 4th Annual Research Symposium – June 6, 2015

Spiritual engagement for the LGBT person can be either a central aspect of life or totally rejected as an option. Christianity is seen as anathema to some in the LGBT community while for many Christians being LGBT precludes the possibility of accepting Christ. In spite of this some LGBT individuals have experienced ongoing faith or developed a faith they did not previously have and have taken the step to accept the call to work in the Christian ministry.

In preparation for data collection this site is being developed to provide  study information  and to invite participants to respond. This study will explore the experience of LGBT men and women who have chosen the path of Christian leadership and the relationship of their self-identification (gender identity or sexual orientation) to that spiritual path.

It is understood that many individuals who self-identify do not live out that identity i their daily lives. Individuals who choose to participate will find their identity guarded by standard research protocols and only aggregate information will be shared in the reporting of  results.

Watch this site for updates related to participation in the study. You may also find updates on Facebook here.


Life is full of transitions. This year has been no different. As I approach the end of the year I look back at the time spent saying goodbye before my father passed. I am blessed to have been able to see him and spend time with him before he left this earth. While he will be missed there will be no regret. There will only be memories of the times we shared, the love he gave and the life he lived.

Ahead I can look forward to my mother doing what I have asked her to do for decades. Move closer to where I live and work. Assuredly there will be transitions in our household as we welcome another voice into the mix. And there will be opportunities to share in the memories of times past.

As the year comes to a close take the time to remember your loved ones, embrace the good times and plan for the best you can imagine in your tomorrows. Remember it takes a willingness to dream to have your dreams come true!

dreams – belief – action